Innovative and enlightened companies choose for their partnership collaborators in convention, to improve the Life Balance of the employees. Attention to their needs, with services that retain and stimulate productivity.
Personalized treatments: supply of an elegant laundry bag to all employees for the home-work-home transport of the clothes to wash.

The proposal of Welcome:
Washing and ironing of garments with automatic identification of quantity and quality, weekly collection and redelivery at the workplaces of the companies in the target regions with more than 250 employees, for the following types:
> Shirts, trousers, shoulder garments;
> Personalized treatments for employees who request collection and delivery of the items to be treated at home (within the defined perimeter);
> Definition of an objective / washings per year for the company. Once the objective has been reached, the company is entitled to an economic percentage by Welcome on the achieved turnover, which will have to an action of social responsibility reported of employees’ interest.