Innovation and sustainability are the hinges of our vision.

Both go to meet the demands of the evolved traveller or, anyway, of the attentive, modern client, projected to the future, who wonders about new experiences, which he can grasp in hospitality, and in the attention to the environment, which he demands from those who propose them to him.
Our Company lives in the new era, that of “experiential consumption”, or of “customerjourney”: every purchase of product or use of services by end customers is an experience of the senses, a journey-discovery towards the external world and towards the depths of one’s individual existence.
We Welcome like to think that an extraordinary knowledge does not necessarily correspond to a luxury path, reserved for a few wealthy consumers, but that should be a gift for all those who see each new experience of buying goods or services as a unique moment of growth and improvement.
For this reason we want to propose to all guests of hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, health facilities and other hospitality formulas, the idea of a “possible and gratifying wellbeing”, capable of leaving inside the memory of a valuable experience, to be repeated as soon as possible. Naturally, with the right quality/price ratio.
Welcome was also born to allow the companies its customers, operating in the hospitality, catering, wellness or private healthcare sectors, to live up to the expectations of the evolved end customer, in guaranteeing the latter the memory of a unique and rewarding experience, experienced in the treatment offered.
Vanguard automation, innovative and customized products, unbeatable quality/price ratio and personalized advice to client companies to guarantee the most extraordinary customer experience, in terms of laundry, cleaningedolfactory, of those who will be guests of these facilities.
Without forgetting that this path must take place in the most absolute respect of environmental issues, with the use of natural and respectful products of a modern and advanced ecological approach.
This is the mission of Welcome!